The JFK artist 2016
The JFK 2016

●2008年5月初音源”HALL bee QUIET e.p.”をリリース。
同7月自主企画イベント”ELECTRIC REVELATION”をスタート。
それにともない”The JFK 1959 TOUR 2009″と銘打ってツアー開始。
SEX MACHINEGUNSの胸を借りつつ、計44本の全国ツアーを敢行。
●2011年5月 “1959RECORDS”からデモCD”Bumble bee e.p.”をリリース。
●2011年7月 デモCD”making plan Bee”リリース。
●2012年4月 札幌が生んだ地獄の番犬軍団THE THANKSとのスプリットCD”THE ULTIMATE STACK”をリリース。
●2013年12月のリーダーの誕生日にあわせ4年ぶりのフルアルバム”Do you feel lucky?”を盟友Kazuto Maekawa(ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK)の録音とプロデュースのもとにリリース。



●You’ve got to stand up.If not, we are gonna kick your ass!!
The JF***K…
●December 2007
In Tokyo, while people were busily preparing for a new year, three guitarists, who had been lost ways ater their ex-band’s broke-up and inactivation, got together and formed The JFK. Soon after,self-proclaimed Keith Moon of Chiba pref, joined this new born band.
Gt…Shinichi Kita
Dr…Ryuta Saito
The band schemed to sweep the rock music scene with their hard and blues rock sounds and started performing twin-guitar style, as a genuine “guitar rock music”to enlighten rock kids.
●May 2008
Their very first CD “HALL bee QUIET e.p.” was released.
July 2008
The JFK hold their self-project event called “ELECTRIC REVELATION”
Then spen day after day throwing live shows.
●March 2009
1st full-album “1959” was released. Along with the release, they kicked off their first tour “The JFK 1959 TOUR 2009” as an opening act of respectable SEX MACHINEGUNS, performing in 44 cities all over Japan.
August 2009
The JFK established a music label 1959RECORDS.
●May 2011
The first demo CD from 1959RECORDS called “Bumble bee e.p.” was released.
July 2011
The second demo CD “making plan Bee” was released.
●April 2012
A split CD “THE ULTIMATE STACK” was released with “Heavy-Metal Cerberus” THE THANKS.
●December 2014
2nd full-album “Do you feel lucky?” was released.This album was recorded and produced by Kazuto Maekawa(ELECTRIC EEL SHOCK).

Aggressively continues live performing in this megalopolis…